What doesnt break you, makes you stronger..

Parents: All that matters to us is your happiness. There’s no pressure for anything. Dont feel guilty. We are always with you.

H: Nobody else is worth it other than yourself. Dont put all your eggs in one basket again. Retain your individuality – whether in some relationship or not. Nothing changes between you and your friends. Whatever happens, we are always there for you.
Look at others who are in a much worse situation than you. You can talk, many ppl cant even do that..

M: Be strong. Things will change. And they’ll change for good. You’ve been through much more than this. You can definitely manage this.

A: Its good that things are clear and honest. People tend to believe lots of thngs in the flow of emotions, but when the actual time comes, things might become really difficult. Better realize that now than later.
We are not the only ones who have problems in life. Everybody does, actually. And many times they are much more serious than ours. We just cant see their problems.
Life moves on. You just have to learn to live with things you cant change.
Be strong and dont let this stop anything in your life. Rededicate yourself and your time to work. Start thinking seriously abt your career..


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