hum laayen hain toofan se kishti nikaal ke…

Vaishnav Jan to tene kahiye Jay
peerh paraaye janney ray
Par dukkhey upkar karey teeyey,
man abhiman na anney ray..

I am an Indian. And I belong to that generation which was born long after we attained independence. I grew up in a time when India was opening to the world. When things were changing fast. Things have changed hugely in front of my eyes. India has been developing.

We, the people of my generation have lived in hope. A hope of reaching “there”. A hope of being recognized as a nation which means something, which has her own identity, which is respected by the rest of the world.

We read about the dream that our long lost leaders dreamt – the dream of a happy, independent and prosperous country. We read about the sacrifices our forefathers made to contribute their bit to The Dream. We read about the passion that people of this country had for their Motherland. The passion which was above their individual lives, the passion which gave them a purpose – to fight for freedom. To fight for self-respect. To fight for the future of the country.
To fight for us.

They fought, and they died. We got freedom.

Its been 60 years since then. 60 long years during which our parents were born, we were born, and so were many many others to make it a country of over a billion people.

And The Dream? What happened to the dream? the happiness and prosperity that was supposed to follow? That still remains a dream – for the vast majority of Indians.
Arent we supposed to do something about it? Rather than living our own selfish lives, shouldnt we be contributing our bit to making things a little better?

We should. All of us know that we should. But what do we really do about that? What can we do? Right now we r busy “settling down” in our lives – making our own careers so that we are in a “position to do somthing”. we cant leave that for sure. But we cannot not do anything also. So how do we get this balance? I know my country needs people who are really concerned about the future of the country, about the future of all countrymen, who want to take India out of the clutches of hunger and poverty and disease. I love my country and I feel bad about the sad state of affairs. I wish i could do something to change this. I cannot leave my career. But i can also not turn a blind eye towards my country. I have to go back and start my fight for The Dream.

I will. One day I will. Its a promise to myself.

saahas se badhe yuvak us din
dekha badte hi aate the
chaaku chhuri katariyoon se
woh apna rakt giraate the
phir usi rakt ki sehayi mein
woh apni kalam dubote the
azaadi ke parwane par
hastakshar karte jaate the

us din dekha tha taaron ne
hindustaani vishwas naya
jab likha tha ranveeron ne
khoon se apna itihaas naya..


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