Feel like pulling out ur hair? Me too!

You know what, when u design primers for anything, u must always CHECK THE READING FRAME!!!
Making primers that throw the entire protein out of frame instead of creating a specific desired mutation is not a mistake, its a blunder!!! and a first year grad student may be excused for this, not a post-doc!
Gosh!! what is wrong with me! I cannot forgive myself for doing this.. a set of primers that i designed 6 weeks back, and then used for making 2 subsequent sets of clones, which was at least 3-4 weeks of work, turn out to be the culprits for things not working quite as expected.
Yes, i did not realize that the primers were going to get integrated in my gene, so i did not bother abt the reading frame, but thats not an excuse. I should’ve planned it properly. I should’ve given it a peaceful moment of thought, esp when i knew that this was going to be the basis all my subsequent experiments.
How many other things did i mess up because of a stupid personal problem??


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