-1 day

Well, so one cat is out of the bag. It was a good experience, definitely, going for the last show on the opening day of a harry potter movie in IMAX, 2 days before it releases elsewhere.. The last 20 minutes or so were 3-D and that was really cool.
The movie… well, lets just say that it is almost impossible to make a great 2 hr long harry potter movie based on a 800 page book. And that too the least popular book in the series… the one which cannot exactly be called a “happy book”. The movie has short modified glimpses of most of the main events in the book, and those r picturised beautifully, but that’s almost all thats there. You sort of keep waiting for the story to start when u realize that its over.. At least that’s what i felt.
Other than that it was a good experience.. reaching the theatre one and half hr early (when we already had the tickets), realizing that we were supposed to join an already quite long queue of ppl, and then getting a sadistic pleasure out of watching ppl joining the end of the ever-increasing queue, astonished at its length.. But ppl came quite prepared for this.. they sat in the queue, playing cards, reading books, eating, chatting away to glory, and doing other interesting things.. :p
So all in all, it was an evening (and night!) well spent.. Even the movie wasnt THAT bad.. after all it was a harry potter movie! 😀


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