What next?

Its over. Just finished reading what i wanted so badly since the last two yrs.. Ever since i read vol 6 for the first time.
And again its the same feeling of loss. not because of anything bad happening in the story. Thats all fine. but because its over. There’ll not be any more harry potter books now. The great harry potter story has ended.
Why am i feeling soo bad?? Wish i could be with somebody right now.. wish i could just talk to somebody..
This immense gloom.. Sadness. Why did i read it? As long as i hadnt read it, there was something to look fwd to.. It seems so very stupid to feel this way, but it suddenly seems as if all hope is gone. That all stories have finally ended now. There’ll not be any more magic now..
Is it just the book i m thinking abt? I dont know. Its very difficult to tell nowadays.


1 Comment

  1. Anonymous said,

    August 7, 2007 at 12:20 am

    I just finished reading your blog; very heavy stuff. I must say that I faced (or am facing) the same questions/doubts (or whatever name you want to give)but I still have to get answers or explanations to any single one of them.

    What meaningful comments can you expect of some one who has not read a single Harry Potter book yet; the magic still exists for me I guess.

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