Spare time-machine.. anyone??

I want to go back in time.

To Srinagar..
.. to those daily post-dinner walks with mom and dad, playing antakshani on the way.. no, not the songs one, but the only antakshani i knew at that time.. with words. many yrs later i would realize it was one of my parents’ little tricks to help me learn new words.
.. to those hide-and-seek games around old dilapidated abandoned houses on the banks of jhelum river, pretending not to be scared of anything
.. to those “attacks” on the mulberry trees in and around the school.. climbing up and filling our lunch boxes with the shehtoots.. taking them home and expecting mom to be absolutely delighted at the sight of that black and purple mingled mass
.. to those lazy sunday mornings.. sitting in front of the TV, watching “Ramayan”, and then “indradhanush”, while having water melon for breakfast.. which would be cut and kept in the fridge the previous night
.. to those feeling-imp moments.. while “showing off” my infant brother to my friends, and smirking at their ignorance while they would exclaim abt his tiny hands and tiny little feet
.. to those regular outings with parents.. to pehalgaon, gulmerg, sonipat, wular lake, shikara rides in dal lake, different mughal gardens in and around srinagar
.. to those scooter rides.. carrying all 4 of us.. dad in the front seat, mom, with my kid brother in her lap as the pillion-rider, and me standing in front

To Chandigarh..
.. to those moments of strategic planning.. to come up with new tricks to win the never-ending cold war with “the boys”
.. to those adventurous “KASAMS-only” fun trips to the flower garden, and not having anything to do once we reached there
.. to the almost daily cycle races to the school.. with random ppl on the way. random ppl cycling faster than me? no way!
.. to those games of “lal-pari-hari-pari”, “poshampa-bhai-poshampa”, “stappu” and “stone gallary” during the games period
.. to those periods of “minding” the class. and feeling imp on being assigned the duty to take care of the chalk
.. to that moment of singing “yahaan ke hum sikandar” at the top of our voices in the middle of the class
.. to the indescribable “KASAMS” feeling

To Delhi..
.. to the pleasure i suddenly found in reading.. reading stuff that me and AM would get during our totally adventurous trips to different libraries
.. to those meetings at kotla and walking to south ex to exchange the notes we made for each other
.. to the “kick” that we would get from the feeling that we were successfully “cheating” on the rest of our friends
.. to those “kotla namaskar” phone calls
.. to the 11-1 shows in PVR Anupam.. mostly watched sitting in the front row, after buying the Rs 7/- tickets, and convincing the auto-wallas to take us to “medical” after the movie
.. to the post-movie 2 am trips to “CC” for tea and omlette and then relaxing in the “central lawn”, chatting away to glory
.. to that airport trip.. sandwitched between mom and AK, holding hands, and wishing that the trip never ends

To Bombay..
.. to those 3 am loud discussions with RM and PH.. abt our projects, science in general, ppl, politics..
.. to the 9 pm colonnade tea/coffee sessions.. quietly sitting with PH and enjoying the night breeze
.. to those heavy sunday dinners, followed by running behind the TIFR bus
.. to the post-lunch mandatory sea-shore visits with the lab ppl
.. to the 1 am leg pulling/cheapness sessions at “mac”, basking in the glory of “The Kingdom”
.. to the post-mac walks around the colony with DJ, PH and MV
.. to the lets-get-wet-in-the-rain sessions at the sea shore
.. to those all night long treasure hunts.. trying to crack the clues, dodging the other teams, and then running like mad to report the answer and get the next clue
.. to the come-lets-dance moments in the lab with MR, BM, SK and PR.. swinging to loud music, trying to avoid bumping into each other/tables/chairs/precariously balanced glassware in the lab
.. to the constant messaging, regular walks and long talks with AK

To Baltimore..
.. to the long highway drives to/from work everyday with AS and TC, and enjoying every moment of the high-speed drives
.. to the yummy (and nutritious) dinners with AS and TC.. which would turn absolutley hilarious almost everyday for some reason or the other

To Manhattan..
.. to that amazing weekend.. exploring manhattan with AV, armed with a map, and almost no idea of the city
.. to central park.. just sitting with AV, watching the day turn into night

I want to go back in time.



  1. I am everywhere said,

    August 2, 2007 at 10:13 am

    Nostalgic 🙂

    p.s. See if you can decipher who I am?

  2. Princess Fiona said,

    August 2, 2007 at 10:51 am

    @ i m everywhere
    some hint please.. 🙂
    do u have a chd connection or a B’bay link?

  3. Mirage said,

    August 3, 2007 at 6:02 am

    hmmm interesting
    i have a time machine if you are in willing you can have it…
    Only hurdle is “it can just be used once”
    so let me knw….

  4. i am everywhere said,

    August 3, 2007 at 7:52 pm

    Ummm…that would be too obvious a hint. I think whatever is common in my two comments, should be a hint?

  5. Princess Fiona said,

    August 4, 2007 at 5:43 am

    @ mirage
    can just be used once?
    well thats a difficult decision to make.. which of those moments would i want to return to??
    very difficult!

    @ i m everywhere
    the only common thing is the name “i am everywhere”..
    who/what is everywhere??
    i seem to be surrounded with difficult questions!
    ok, let me guess.. BD?

  6. Mirage said,

    August 16, 2007 at 6:23 am

    well i can suggest you to go back in time to Srinagar! Thats one place which has changed quite dramatically ……but since the time machine can only work once …how would u come back…
    OOps so i guess you decide…anyways my “time machine” has no warranty card 🙂

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