Wake up call!!

But then, may be its just not the right time. I am not that weak, am I? No. 🙂

I have a fortunate life, and i am thankful for that. I am thankful for being what I am. I have a promising career, amazing friends and lots n lots of ppl who care so much abt me. And I have the capability to survive on my own.

And that, MMM, is good enough. No, it is much more than just “good enough”! It is something so many ppl long for.. Throughout their lives.

These little moments of doubts shall not keep me down. My life shall be what I want it to be.
I am, after all, Princess Fiona! :p

Princess Fiona does not need anybody. She is absolutley and perfectly happy with herself. The moments of self-doubt are just that.. moments. Which pass. Somehow most of the blog-writing happens during these moments though.. :p

But that definitely does not mean that i’ve suddenly become so doubtful of myself.
No problem is big enough to pose a permanent threat to Princess Fiona.
And so shall be written.


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