Chak de! India

..loved the movie. loved the songs.. the music, the lyrics.. everything!
Jackson heights visits.. full of action and fun – always! Thanks to AS, AB and AC (yes AV, i do seem to have something for “A” ppl :D)!
Waited 4 hrs for the movie.. and the wait was worth it. absolutely!

kuch kariye
kuch kariye
nuss nuss meri khaule…
koi to chal zidd fadiye
doobe, tariye ya mariye
rehna na yaar peeche
kitna bhi koi kheenche
tass hai na
mass hai ji
zidd hai to ho
zidd hai ji

Push the limits. Erase boundaries. Live your dream. Conquer your fears. Face the demons. Kill doubt. Never say die. Beat the odds..

… feel like going and picking up a hockey stick myself! :p

but seriously, an inspiring movie..
Have to prove myself. To myself and to the world. To those people who believed the great astrologer who pronounced that “studies and all are not in this girl’s destiny. She’ll never make it beyond class 8”. To that physics teacher in school who believed that “girls can do better than boys only till the stage that can be managed with mugging up stuff. Not beyond that. So your days are over” To that college principal, who refused admission to me coz she felt that I cannot really ‘cope up’ with an honors degree in any stream of biology, and advised me to go for B.Sc ‘general’ instead. To my PhD guide, who told me that even if i somehow manage to get a decent position outside my PhD field, it’ll be “very difficult” to establish myself and do something worthwhile.
Not that anything i do will make any difference to any of those ppl, but it’ll make a difference to me. And my parents and my friends. I dont know if i’ll ever make it anywhere near where my mom and AV want me to reach, but i have to try. And i have to try hard. For once i want to say that i tried to the best of my capabilites. Anything happening after that wont matter. But i have to put in my best.
And never give up.


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