Life is not a punishment

Yes. Life is NOT a punishment. 🙂
Finally the name of my blog has been changed. The change in my perception happened long time back, though. The blog i guess was a little slower in picking up.. not my fault! :p
So, to all my friends who’ve been objecting to the name: Here u go! The usual blabber is the best i could come up with. Coz thats what it is. My thoughtless blabbering about anything and everything..

So Princess Fiona will hopefully keep blabbering… as and when she feels like, and now not at a “oh-so-negative” web address.

Life is, after all, a celebration. 🙂

That reminds me of the amazing book.. ‘A short history of nearly everything’ by Bill Bryson. it is really one of the best books ever written, if u ask me.. And if u read that, u realize how extremely improbable the emergence and maintenance of life is. The probability of things happening the way they happened is so low that the fact that we exist is no less than a miracle.

So while we are here, why not make the most of it? 🙂


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