The human element

Terror strikes Hyderabad. 30 killed, 60 injured in twin blasts.

Saw this headline with a shock when i was searching for an article i had skimmed over a couple of days back about how US is concerned that the ever-growing queue for green cards is encouraging a reverse brain drain to countries like India. And how this might result in a big loss to US economy coz a lot of the technological progress in different fields in many developed countries has happened because of the skilled labour that migrated to these ‘lands of opportunities’, and continues to migrate. But the increasing difficulty in getting resident visas/green cards was beginning to frustrate ppl, the article said, and they were seriously considering trying their hand in today’s India, which has truly come a long way in the last decade or so.

I felt kind of happy on reading that. Reverse brain drain is good news, as far as India is concerned. Hope more ppl see the emerging opportunities in our own motherland and come back and make a difference to the state of affairs back home. I didnt have time to read it properly, so i just made a mental note of the article and decided to come back to it in leisure.

Couldnt find that article today, saw this news though. And gory images of the blast sites. Mangled flesh, blood, deadbodies, ppl crying..

Why?? Why dont things change? Where has humanity disappeared? How can somebody kill another human being? What do they get out of it? How can u not feel such immense pain and sorrow in another person’s heart? What kind of human beings are those who can kill so easily?

I was reminded of last year.. july 2006. Mumbai train blasts.
I remember observing that 2 minute silence while we were at BEST.
I remember the day it happened. As the news of the serial blasts started trickling in, we got concerned abt our friends who had already left for home. Then began the frantic phone calls. Calling up everybody who was expected to be in some local train at that time to make sure that they were alright. Phone lines got jammed with the sudden rush, but we couldnt just sit and not do anything until everybody was accounted for. It took many hrs. I remember the fear and anxiety. Desperately trying to get some news abt all those who were out of sight. Everybody was busy on phone.. trying to call up somebody or the other. Trying to reassure our own parents and friends as they called up to check that we were all right. And the relief with every “successful” phone call, and then running across corridors to tell each other that one more person has been accounted for. Calling up their worried parents/family members/friends and reassuring them..

I can still feel that anxiety when i think about that horrible day. The day which would come to be known as the “Terror Tuesday”. The day so many bonds were so brutally severed.

But thats not all, right? It was also the day so many new bonds were created and strengthened. Those anxious worried moments.. were also the moments when all differences were forgotten. Everybody was concerned about everybody else.. there was no discrimination of any kind. Whether somebody was a friend or not, whether u liked somebody or not, there was a genuine concern for all. I can still feel my heart swelling with happiness and pride when i recall the images of long queues at different hospitals over the next few days.. no, not of patients waiting for treatment, but ppl waiting to donate blood.

Yes, thats what humanity is all about. Feeling the pain, forgetting the “I” and worrying abt all those who were affected. Humanity is what we saw after that torrential downpour on July 26, 2005. People helping each other with whatever they had. distributing food and water to those who were stranded. Ppl standing for and standing with each other and helping out anybody and everybody who needed help..

Yes, there are bad things which happen. And something surely needs to be done. Not that such calamities dont happen in other countries, but in India it all seems too easy. So many lives are lost due to natural/man-made disasters that the value of life seems to have gone down the scale. And then passing the buck attitude doesnt help when it comes to fixing the problems. Things need to change. Majorly.

But then all’s not lost. As long as there’s the human element alive, there’s still hope. Things will improve. And they’ll improve for good. People who indulge in such mindless cruel activites to break ppl apart will realize the futility of their actions. Those of us who’ve come to “greener pastures” will return, join hands with all those who are working for a better tomorrow and contribute to the true rise of a great nation.

Dreams can come true, right?



  1. Ashish said,

    August 26, 2007 at 5:00 am

    Frankly speaking, I dont have any hope regarding peace returning back.

  2. Princess Fiona said,

    September 5, 2007 at 5:58 am

    Well, i wouldnt say that.. ummeed pe to duniya kayam hai 🙂
    small things keep up that hope. check this out:

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