Spare me, fans!

Well, i cant answer any more individual queries abt my opinion of ‘The’ movie.. So i m re-posting a part of the post that i had put up last week itself, but then removed because of some reason. No more questions/comments abt the movie shall be entertained.

Here it goes again…

OK, let me clarify something… its not that i didn’t like the movie (Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind).. its a great movie. It really is. Its just that i tend to get too senti when i watch such stuff. And this movie is, as BD puts it, painfully romantic. Even if it wasnt intended to be painful, ‘romantic’ by itself might’ve been painful enough. And as this movie has a lot of, if i borrow ET’s vocabulary, ‘ouch’ factor involved, it doesnt help. Taken together, it was more than enough to make me sad.
Only momentarily, though! :p

And probably thats one reason why i like fairy tales and stories full of magic more than any “sensible” stuff… there’s no way i can associate those to my life, so i can just sit back and enjoy, without having to wipe my eyes every few minutes. Anything close to real life, esp involving relationships, is potentially dangerous. I tend to imagine myself in all those horrible situations of loosing loved ones and all, and i tend to feel the pain the charactor is supposed to be feeling.. it doesnt really make me very happy.

Thats one thing i still havent learnt – being indifferent, and being a little less sensitive and emotional.

Lets just leave it at that this time.


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