Here and There

Princess Fiona is upset. About random things. About loosing a good friend. About another friend’s behaviour.. She knows that its nothing serious, still she didnt like the way certain things happened. And about ten thousand other things which have no apparent reason to make her unhappy..

Princess Fiona is now not sure if she really wants to visit Far Far Away.. The land of friends. Surely visiting parents would be nice. And there r probably a couple of friends who r awaiting her return. She will also be happy to meet them. But other than that, there isnt anything great to look forward to..

Considering the HUGE amount of trouble that she has had to go through to put things in order before she hops on to the magic carpet, the trip doesnt really seem worthy enough. How will her new subjects deal with things in her absence? Should she just stay in her own kingdom, continue doing her work at a more human pace, and drop the entire idea of the trip? No. she knows she’ll not do that. Not now.. after all this work to make it possible, no point backing out.

She just wants to feel a little more enthusiastic.. about everything. May be she should take her baby tiger with her. The magic carpet guys shouldnt have any problem with it.. Its just a baby after all 🙂

Well, she is already feeling better.. 🙂 there’s somethng magical abt writing. It somehow does wonders – kind of as if the troublesome stuff has been taken out of the mind. Funny 🙂

So, Far Far Away, get ready.. Princess Fiona will be there soon. And by the time she comes back, the green would’ve gone out of the canvas, and it’ll be full of yellow, orange, red and brown.. before white takes over the palette, that is.

But there’s still time for that. There’s the entire spectrum to explore in the meantime…


1 Comment

  1. Koffee beanzz said,

    September 22, 2007 at 2:03 pm

    please dont let ur baby tiger attack our little mongu!!

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