I am excited. I am going home. yay! 😀
back to the yummy mom-made food.. rajma-chawal, aalu ke paranthe and ghar ka makkhan, punjabi and gujrati kadhi, ajwain ke paranthe and chai, bhindi and cake, samosae and gulab jaamun.. God! i miss mommy ke haath ka khaana!! But i’ll have all that soon. Really soon! 😀
And i m excited to go back to India.. to talk to random ppl in the street in hindi, to travel on the same old (broken!) roads.. 🙂

And the visit to TIFR… my second home. Nth trip from the airport to navy nagar.. I’ll be back in the lab.. the same chamber, loud music at night, the dept.. singing aloud with Dj in the corridor.. Sitting in the glass panel, colonnade, sea shore.. We’ll have tea at best, go to mac every night.. I m even excited about having dinner in the east canteen!!! thats the height! only somebody who has been at tifr can understand what that means.. looking forward to eating in east canteen!! Gosh!! :p

And i’ll meet soooo many friends… 🙂

Not that i’ve been out of the country for very long, not that i dont like this place or that i dont have fun here.. nothing like that. i like it here, but i m still feeling VERY happy about going back.. 😀


Wonder what was wrong with me yesterday! Talk abt mood swings, man!!! 😀


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