Procrastinators Anonymous

Why is procrastinating so addictive? Once u sit down doing nothng, the activation energy to get back to work seems to grow like Jack’s Beanstalk.. Here I m, sitting and doing absolutely nothing, very hungry, not having cooked anything as yet, less than a day before i embark on the much awaited flying tour, without having packed ANYTHING, not doing the work that has to be finished before i leave tom, not making the phone calls that must be made before the 3-week long silence… just sitting and doing absolutely nothing!
Not that this is something new, though.. MMM has always been like this.. always needs a little push. And writing this will hopefully make me a little worried abt the pace of hands on the clock hanging right in front.. Yes, must get up, cook, eat and then get down to work! πŸ™‚
As i always say, there’s something magical about writing πŸ™‚


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