Virtual insanity and real world wisdom…

What do u do when u come back to your home country and meet ur parents after some 7 months? If u r me, u quickly exchange pleasantries, and as soon as u can, get online! Somehow i dont feel confortable if my status says offline.. I know its sad. As a friend pointed out, i seem to live a virtual life.
… Almost always in contact with friends across the globe, but hardly ever with anybody! 😦

Its nice to be back, though (whatever time is not spent in front of the screen, i.e., :p). Back to all the pampering and love.. which in the mommy language conveniently translates into good (and a lot of!) food.. 😀

The journey was not that bad.. ppl had kind of scared me abt the 14 hr long non-stop flight. But even with my nasal epithelium responding quite vigorously to the minute changes in the temperature, it didn’t seem THAT long. Certainly manageable. Would be much more pleasant without the allergy, though..
But next time I’ve to be careful about not forgetting the papers which r needed for re-entry after the happy vacation.. Boss might not survive such shocks very frequently. Lesson learnt: going home from NY is not exactly the same as going home from B’bay. There r some small issues here and there which have to be taken care of before locking the door and hoping into the cab.

Another pearl of wisdom: 3 straight nights of tossing and turning in the bed, without any trace of sleep – isn’t a very comfortable form of jet lag. Personally I would’ve preferred the one in which u tend to sleep for a long time.. if only we could choose!! 😦

Dont know if it’s the effect of sleep deprivation or what, but suddenly i can see things in a new light. Last few months (ever since the migration happened) have taught me a lot.. for the first time in my life, i’ve been truely living on my own. Managing everything myself.. Hostel life was also a big learning experience, but that isnt REALLY a life on ur own.. As AV had mentioned ages back, i had always lived in a pure white world, pampered and protected from the ‘true’ world. I can see today what he meant then.
Princess Fiona can see the real problems in the real world now. She has to take over and share some responsibility. She just hopes that she is allowed to do that, and that she can manage things…

However much it might affect me, par aur bhi gam hain zamaane mein mohabbat ke siva..


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