India – An Emerging Superpower…

Attended a ‘Career development’ seminar yesterday. a talk by the director of the Science Alliance at the New York Academy of Science.
The talk was good. She spoke about the non-traditional career options (a name that she doesnt like at all, btw!). Apparently only some 10-15% PhDs end up getting faculty positions. So the talk was about the other options available after PhD/Post-doc.
Industry, of course, provides a lot of these ‘other options’. And it turns out that the future of a lot of these biotech/biomedical/pharma industries is in countries like China, Singapore, and… India? No. In her words, “India seemed to be a good option sometime back, but now nobody is sure abt that.” Reason? Apparently the companies which shifted to India – anticipating the vast potential there – are already facing problems because the country has not been able to keep up with the demands of basic infrastructure! So it was advised to check out the opportunities in China and all, but leave out India for a while.

It hurt. It hurts a lot when i hear things like this. Weren’t things going to change? India was supposed to be on the path of development. What happened? Is the celebrated ‘economic boom’ already lost in the traffic jams of bangalore?
Poverty, malnutrition, illiteracy… how long are they going to remain synonymous with India? When are we going to leave the petty issues behind and act like mature people? Being honest to ourselves, sincere towards our work and respectful to our fellow beings – thats all that it takes, right? Is it really that difficult?
Are we just going to keep pulling each other down and never going to rise??

No. We cant afford to loose hope. The transformation has to happen. There’s just no other option.


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