Ek choti si love story..

No.. i cant keep my eyes off u.. i just cannot! 😀
You r simply the most beautiful thing on earth. And i love it when u get all excited on seeing me, when u leave all other things and just come and look at me as long as i stay there looking at u.. I love u, sweetheart! My little baby, my bundle of joy, my rusty..
You r finally coming out of ur depression.. i cant describe how happy it makes me when i see u eating! after all those days of not even looking at the food..
You r expanding and showing off ur pretty fins again.. after keeping them contracted and stiff as a stick for so long..
You r now all active.. swimming all over, over and over again.. not just hanging around a shady corner!
i was worried during those days of depression. I was worried, but i knew it’ll finally end. I know the anxiety we face when we suddenly have to translocate to a new unfamiliar environment. I know the lonliness we feel when we leave our family and friends. I know. I know because i’ve been through all that. I’ve felt that lonliness and sadness. And therefore, i knew it’ll get over. It just had to.
And for somebody who knew all along that it’ll get over, I am surprisingly sooo happy that it is over now! :p
Your little silent movements convey your happiness just as well as your inactivity conveyed your sadness.
I never knew that a tiny little fish could make me so happy that i would never want to leave its side! But then its no ordinary fish.. We are talking about His Highness Rusticus the Great!
Love you, baby! 🙂


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