Dreams, hopes and aspirations..

We, the people of India, dream of prosperity and happiness.

We hope that things will change. With every coming year, with every election, every change in government, we hope that things will change for good.

We, as a nation, aspire to become a ‘developed’ country. A country with the capability of fulfilling the dreams of all the citizens.

And what do we do for that? From I, the people, we become I, the people, the mob.
Once this happens, we stop thinking. We only get angry.

For all justifiable reasons, of course! The pace of transition from ‘developing’ to ‘developed’ is too slow. There is a lot of disparity between the ‘haves’ and ‘have nots’. There is corruption at all levels. Our religions and religious icons are not shown proper ‘respect’.

And our solution to all these problems of late has been one – anger. We, the people, the mob, get angry at all the injustice and we show ‘them’ that we have the ‘power’. We burn buses, beat up people, stop trains, ransack govt. offices, damage furniture, burn down libraries.. Ransack, loot, damage, destroy everything that we can….

Is this the India of my dreams? Is this the country i’ve always loved so much, the country I want to see as a superpower?

Rather than improving, things seem to be getting worse. With every passing year, watching the news bulletins is getting more and more difficult. All these violent and gory images… probably the news channels should now come with a warning – ‘not for kids below 16 and those with weak hearts’.

The change that i was hoping to see was more on the lines of getting rid of the poverty, illiteracy, terrorism, corruption, population control.. Not this. Surely not this.

I dont want to believe that the picture is getting gloomier. Is it just more media coverage or are we actually getting so restless and senseless?

India is still my country and i still love it with all my heart. Such things, however, do shake me a bit.. My dream of seeing a new India and doing my bit for building that great nation that we want to be, is fighting to stay alive within me. I hope it does. I really hope it does.

I hope I always remember the last couple of lines from the pledge we used to chant every morning in school..
“To my country and my people, I pledge my devotion. In their well being and prosperity alone, lies my happiness. Jai Hind.”

PS: This is what started it all, btw.


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