a bedtime story..

Taxes. Data. Grants. Papers. Bills. Friends. Dance. Music. Standing outside at 3am, with clattering teeth, and a cold breeze through your hair, looking at the blue (yes, blue. not black) sky and the white clouds..
Human brain – a true marvel. there’s no limit to the no. of things we can worry abt. and feel good abt.. all at the same time.

For some reason i remembered a story from this story book i used to own ages back (it is probably still lying buried under my other ten thousand beloved books at home – books i get to touch when i visit home once a yr.. my books… *sigh*).
Anyway, so this book was called “the robot and the moth” based on one of the stories. It was a great story, but i was always kind of scared to read it – coz it used to make me cry everytime i would attempt that.. A touching story abt a strange friendship between a newly constructed robot on display in an exhibition and a chatty moth. the moth would come and talk to the robot abt random stuff, but the robot could only answer back whatever it was programmed to say. So they had a few very funny conversations for a couple of days.. then one tragic night the moth was attacked and finally killed in front of the robot. The robot wanted to do something – to save his friend, but all it could manage was to repeat the pre-programmed stuff, while the shocked moth kept pleading for help. Full of grief and guilt at not being able to do anything, the robot finally broke down. the pride of the exhibition was trashed because it was found making incomprehensible sounds that it wasnt supposed to make – trying to learn the words that the moth had taught him.
Why would they put such a sad story in a children’s book? i never understood. but i could never forget that story.
And there’s no good reason why i should be thinking abt this story AND writing this post at 5am!
Ok, Mr robot, u rest in peace. May no one feel that helpless again. May no one be forced to part from their loved ones..


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