A spring post

Its been ages. As always, a lot has been going on. White never really stayed for long. Brown exploded into a million colors, which blended into green in the blink of an eye. Many thoughts came in and left – unattended, unworded, unrecorded.

I’ve been well, thank you. Been busy all this time. Still am, as a matter of fact. Most of the mutants are now made. Rest will soon be done. Antibodies have started coming up. The stage is set for the real stuff to finally begin. There are some more diversions ahead, though. But after those, it should be a smooth ride for some time at least..
“Smooth ride”.. 🙂

Yes, I know, the road only appears smooth from a distance – u start seeing the bumps and the potholes as u get closer. But that’s the way everything works in real life.. the “happily ever after” is just a mirage. Doesn’t mean it’s meaningless, though. It gives us hope, and a reason to move forward. The rides would’ve been boring if it wasn’t for the bumps and potholes, right? And as they say – smooth seas dont make skillful sailors..

So the obstructions and obstacles and failures and frustrations are just the spice of life, which make it interesting. Make us confident of ourselves.
No, rewording doesnt change the problems, but it surely has the potential to change our response. The attitude. The perspective. Which changes everything.


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