… and a spring allergy post!

“Wax on, wax off. Breathe in through nose, out the mouth. Wax on, wax off. Don’t forget to breathe, very important.”.. said Mr. Miyagi to Daniel in The karate kid, part I.
Just how imp it is, i realized today after spending one full day in the emergency ward.
Before i moved to US, i considered ppl complaining so much abt their “allergies” a bit snooty. I mean, in a world full of such life-threatening diseases, ppl cant really whine so much about mere allergies, right?
God! I take back all my words (and thoughts!).
Last spring was fine. Summer wasnt very bad either.. had some problems, but then, it was “just allergy”. Then winter it became so bad that i had to go to the doctor. I felt like i got a new life after i started following his instructions.
But nothing had prepared me for what this spring had in store for me!
It started as “just allergy”.. which wouldn’t go away even after doing EVERYTHING that had worked so miraculously during the winter. Then i started getting breathless, and within a matter of 24 hrs, it became so bad that i just could not breathe.. forget walk or talk or do anything else!
Friends took me to the emergency ward (THANK GOD for friends!!) where they put me onto some “breathing treatment” to ease my breathing some 4 times during the 10 hrs that i spent there.. The ‘allergy’ had somehow metamorphosed into acute bronchitis! the breathlessness apparently sent my BP skyrocketing too. The doc couldnt believe that i could have such high BP, so he checked twice (once on each arm!) just to be sure!

I am finally back home… inspite of the (male) nurse there who exclaimed that i was very pretty the moment he saw me.. and then told me that he wanted to keep me there for ever!! i was like.. “hello! i cant breathe here! can u pls get me some medicine first!!” He was very nice and helpful though. 😀
He has been added to the list of random ppl that my friends maintain.. ppl whom i tend to attract for some weird reason, and who somehow feel that its perfectly alright to tell me how they feel! Like this one incidence when i was talking to my friends near the inst. security, waiting for another friend to join us, when the security guy suddenly said, “Excuse me, i dont mean to interrupt, but i think she has got the sweetest voice! i could listen to her for ever!!” And many more such examples.. a source of never-ending entertainment for my friends.

Anyway, i should try to get some sleep now.
Some allergy, huh?


1 Comment

  1. bored kid said,

    May 10, 2008 at 7:02 pm

    the security guy must have been batman 😛

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