mitti ki jo hai khushbu.. woh kaise bhulayega..

A couple of days back it rained in Delhi, it rained in Mumbai, and it rained in New York. Same phenomenon, yet such different sentiments associated with each one.

I’ve always loved rains. Being an Indian, the eager wait for ‘The Monsoons’ is in my blood, i suppose. I didnt have any crop waiting for irrigation, neither did my job involve waiting in the sun for hrs. Still, every year it felt as if all problems would be solved once monsoon arrives.. the first monsoon showers would bring general cheer and happiness everywhere.. a reason to celebrate. a reason big enough for the entire family to take time out to sit together in the balcony and have chai and pakode… looking at the falling drops with the fondness of a parent looking at a child taking his/her first steps… Or going out with friends and getting wet in the rain.. singing one of the many many ‘rain songs’…

I miss that. It rains here also. And i still like standing in the window and looking at the rain. But the thing that i loved the most abt rains in India – the fragrance of rain – is missing. It feels like most of the other stuff available here.. well preserved, good looking, healthier, with lesser probabilty of pathogens, but without the flavour. Without the fragrance. Like my legendary frozen chopped onions. 🙂
Feeling very nostalgic today for some reason. Wish i could go back and smell the earth right now… wish i could get that smell back with me.. somehow packaged in a magic vial!

But we have to pay a price for everything. I know the price i m paying for being in the land of opportunities. And i know the price i would be paying for being in my motherland. my career and my country are both equally dear to me. All i can do right now is divide myself temporally between the two. Hopefully by the time i go back to where my heart is, i’ll have enough patience to accept what i cannot change. And enough strength to change what i cannot accept.
Till then, its YouTube zindabaad. here, here, here, here and here.

Thankfully we live in this age.. cant even imagine how things would’ve been some yrs back! one weekend IPL final live and the next weekend sarkar raj might not have been possible then…


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